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Omnia is a not for profit Club, incorporated in Canberra in 1982. The Latin word Omnia means 'everything' or 'all things', and sums up in one word the role of the Club in the Canberra community.

The Club is an Incorporated Association managed by a Committee which is elected annually by its members.  The Association is registered as OMNIA ADVENTURERS AND SOCIAL CLUB INCORPORATED registered in 1980 with the ACT Registrar General's Office.  The Association holds its Annual General Meeting in August each year. To view the Constitution click here

Omnia has a current membership of about 100 members, covering a wide range of backgrounds. The Association welcomes all people - it does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, culture, colour, occupation, living place or wealth. 

The Association provides a social environment in which its members can offer each other not only companionship and conversation, but also the benefits of a considerable amount of experience - particularly in those life-changing circumstances that affect so many of us in these times of rapid change. Omnia enables and quietly encourages cultural, educational, leadership, and personal development through its activities and friendships.

Omnia activities cover a very wide spectrum from dancing and restaurant outings to bushwalking and cross-country skiing. There is something for almost everyone, and if your special interest isn't catered for, you're encouraged - and helped if you need help - to organise and explore any new activity you desire. Your being involved in this way will promote feelings of belonging and well-being, especially when those who join you express their appreciation and enjoyment.

See About Activities Page for more information