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Evening Walks

Since its inception, Monday evening walks have been a regular feature ofthe Omnia calendar. The walks cater for both busy working people who enjoy an hour or so of exercise, and  those who just like to walk in the evenings. One of Canberra's many mountains are usually the route for the walk. A  'cheap and cheerful' meal at a local restaurant after the walk is an option popular with many walkers. Other walks may be conducted subject to member interest.

Monday Evening Walks 

The Monday evening (originally "Magic Mountain") walks were initiated by Chris Gabriel in 2000, and are intended for walkers of moderate, or better, fitness. The idea is to walk, on formed tracks or dirt roads as far as possible, and in pleasant surroundings, up a hill or "mountain" (lots of people would argue that there are no real mountains in Australia, let alone in the Canberra area!) of reasonable height and steepness. This means that you gain some actual physiological benefit from the time spent, as well as enjoying some wonderful views - and company, of course!

Regulars on these walks include many of those members who also enjoy bushwalking and backpacking. However, these walks are not races: the leader will always wait at strategic intervals for slower walkers to catch up, and there is plenty of time to recover, if you need to, on the way down.

Venues include:

  • Black Mountain (eastern and western sides)
  • Isaacs Ridge (above Isaacs)
  • Mount Ainslie (western and southerm sides)
  • Mount Majura (daylight saving period only)
  • Mount Taylor (from the west)
  • Oakey Hill (behind Weston)
  • Red Hill (2 routes)
  • Wanniassa Hills (between Isaacs and Fadden)
  • Mt Painter
  • Dairy Farmers Hill